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Why Are There So Many More Bike Accidents Today in Florida? 

There are more bikes on Florida roads these days than ever before. In our cities many adults commute to work on their bike. Protective lanes and pathways have been created in cities like Stuart and Palm Beach FL to facilitate the use of bicycles as a method of transportation and offer the rider more safety.

Unfortunately, many Treasure Coast motor vehicle drivers are not yet used to taking the mandated steps necessary to watch for, and yield to, the ever increasing number of bikes on the road.
If you or someone you love have been injured while biking in Florida you need to know your rights under the law.The Lewis Law Group led by J.D. Lewis III, ESQ. will help you decide the best course of action for your case.

Is the Car Driver Liable for a Bike Accident in Florida?

A car can cause harm to bicyclists on Florida roads in many different ways. It may be a car driver’s lack of attention, they may be too aggressive or, thinking the car always has the right away, not stop or yield. Unfortunately, like motorcycle riders experience, drivers of vehicles often simply do not watch for bike riders. Despite the rules of the road, they do not allow the rider their rights.

What Compensation is Common for a Bicycle Accident?

When a victim is injured in a bicycle accident in Florida they may be able to recover for their medical expenses, future medical expense, lost wages and pain and suffering among other things. In the event of a fatal bike accident, their families may be able to file additional claims for Wrongful Death.
Like any civil litigation, recoveries for bicycle accidents can be complicated. In many case the car driver involved in the bicycle accident will argue that the bike rider was at fault. There may even be intimidation to settle early and for less than you deserve from the driver’s attorney or insurance company. Without proper advice from an attorney working for you who is experienced in the laws created to protect bicycle riders, you may settle for less than you deserve. Obtain a fair recovery for your loss.

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