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Victim's Rights When Injured in a Florida Boating Accident 

If you know Florida then you know boaters. There are over 1 million registered vessels in Florida many of the owners living in or visiting the waterways and shores of the Treasure Coast. No wonder Florida is the top spot nationally for boating. Unfortunately, the consequence of this much boating activity means the number of injurious and fatal boating accidents continues to climb.If you have been involved in a boating accident and suffered injury or even have suffered financially you may be due compensation.
At The Lewis Law Group, our Stuart FL, based team has 38 years of experience in working with victims of boating accidents handling property damage, personal injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits stemming from the many waterway accidents in Florida.

Boating collisions can be expensive due to the material damage involved. There can be other damage concerns to docks, property and even protected wildlife. In the worst of cases we unfortunately see boat collisions in Florida that result in injuries and even loss of life.Also consider that many other expenses suffered by victims are costs related to emergency response services, medical expenses, wage losses and ongoing treatment.Boating accident victims can in many cases be compensated for pain and suffering as well as court costs. In the event of a fatality a civil wrongful death case may be appropriate to ensure the ongoing rights of the victim’s family.

What Kind of Boat Accidents Can Win a Settlement?

The Lewis Law Group can help you whether your loss involves airboat accidents, boat tenders accidents, BUI accidents, boat maintenance caused accidents, jet ski accidents, wakeboarding accidents, waterskiing accidents, kayak or canoe accidents, inflatable boat accidents or other personal or rented watercraft.Liability for a boating accident can be present at many levels.Boat drivers, operators, crew, boat owners, rental operators and many other individuals and companies involved in the boating industry own a strictly defined obligation that to keep their renters, passengers and other boat owners safe from harm. In many case, like with auto accidents, inexperience, lack of attention, careless operation, poor maintenance, failure to yield, speeding and of course drug and alcohol impaired driving can cause an accident.Boating accidents are very complex. The path to settlement is unique. Let us help you define the elements of your case that will assist you in gaining your maximum compensation.

How Can The Lewis Law Group Help You?

In many case it can be uncomfortable for a boating accident victim to press for their rights. The victim can feel intimidated by the boat owner, especially if the boating accident involves a friend or family member who could be held liable. This is exactly the type of personal and confusing environment where talking to an attorney form The Lewis Law Group can make a world of difference. We care about you. Our initial Free Consultation together will help you understand your rights under the law and exactly how your case may play out in the local court system where you live and play. We will also discuss with you what impact your award may have on the negligent party. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Contact us or call now (772) 286-7861 or on our toll free number at 1(800) – 338-4459 to get started on the path to restitution.

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