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The Lewis Law Group has over 38 years of experience in commercial cases ranging from settlement to litigation. We have aggressively pursue our client's cases for breach of contracts, violations of non-compete agreements, alternative dispute resolutions, defenses in overtime claims cases and defenses for alleged violations of the Federal Civil Rights Act. Disputes between businesses can be draining to your firm's finances and can immensely impact the time of your employees as they pursue the resolution of the dispute. Whether the dispute arises out of breach of contract, failure to perform services, failure to pay for services, or other contract violations; The Lewis Law Group will be there to resolve or settle the grievance. Involving an experienced legal firm, like the Commercial Litigation Team at The Lewis Law Group, sends a signal. It shows your opponent you are serious in your pursuit. So are we. The initial evaluation of your case is free.

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Many business's today are uncertain on the laws involving overtime and minimum wage. The law can affect employees differently based on the individual job description of each employee. A business may have unknowingly created circumstances where some salaried employees are entitled to overtime. An overtime claim can go back several years covering past employment history. If there are multiple claimants, the amount a business owner or corporation owes could be multiplied. It is important that business owners are aware of these laws in order to help insulate themselves from future claims. Business owners would be well served by consulting an attorney before these problems arise. In the event that a lawsuit has already been filed, The Lewis Law Group would defend the matter discretely, professionally, diligently and as cost efficiently as possible.

Florida is an Employment at-will State. Essentially, this means that, either party can terminate the employment with or without cause, liability, and/or notice. There is no “Wrongful Termination” statute in the State of Florida, and Employers do not need cause to terminate you.

Unfortunately, this environment often lead to frivolous and meritless claims alleging violations of the Federal and Florida Civil Rights Act. If a business or corporation is contacted by the EEOC in the course of an investigation, it is in that Businesses best interest to consult a knowledgeable labor law attorney on the matter in order to discuss possible defenses and/or resolutions.

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Our attorneys are experienced in providing business clients the expertise they need when they are involved in commercial settlements and litigation. We professionally and discreetly advise you on your options and vigorously pursue restitution. Your initial case evaluation is free. We will help you determine the value of your case and fight for the maximum compensation you can receive.

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