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COVID-19 Update: A Message From Our Founder, J.D. Lewis III

For over a month now, our country has been dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Our President has been pushing for a return to some sense of normalcy as many businesses and individuals have felt the economic strain this pandemic has caused. We’d like to encourage you all to stay safe and practice all of the recommendations put forth by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization). In terms of our practice, here’s an update on what’s going on.

At the Lewis Law Group, we do understand that not everyone can put their lives on hold, and certain situations still need to be resolved despite the COVID-19 outbreak. This is why we are continuing to work on your cases. While the courts have postponed a lot of cases/hearings, we are still holding depositions via Zoom and making settlements for many of our personal injury cases, which happen to make up a majority of our firm’s cases.

Our firm has been fortunate to be able to keep all of our staff employed and at their full salaries. They have all opted to continue working at the office and we have increased our preventive measures to ensure we are able to work safely. Every morning we clean and disinfect our office. Everyone is equipped with masks and are frequently washing/sanitizing their hands. We are also adhering to physical distancing guidelines. We do not usually have more than 5 staff in the office at any one time which makes it easier for us to physically distance. You can be rest assured that there will always be someone here to answer your calls.

To our clients, we'd like to remind you that you are still welcomed at our office. We are kindly requesting that you schedule an appointment to meet with our attorneys. Our office is open but our front doors are currently closed. We are only opening them for scheduled appointments. We’d also like to remind you to wear your masks when visiting the office. However, if you’re unable to source a mask we will provide one for you. Upon entry and prior to meeting with one of our attorneys, we will ask you to wash your hands in one of our 4 washroom facilities. We are holding client appointments in our conference room, where you will be seated at the other end of the table from our attorney(s). We thank you in advance for understanding and adhering  to the necessary precautions at this time to stop the spread of this disease.

More recently, we have seen a big push being made by our President to ‘open things back up’ and here in Florida, some of the restrictions are being lifted in phases in various counties. We definitely understand the situation as a lot of businesses and individuals alike have lost significant revenue and it’s a stressful period all-around. As we move towards some new form of operations, we all need to remember that this doesn’t mean the Coronavirus has disappeared or that we’re ‘in the clear’. COVID-19 is very scary, very real and very serious. We want you all to be safe. It is obvious that this virus will be around for awhile so it’s important for you to practice social distancing, wear your masks and practice good hygiene. The only way for us to flatten the curve is for us to each do our part. We may be away from each other, but we're in this fight TOGETHER!