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Do Car Accidents Increase In Winter?

Winter is here. Although that doesn’t mean much in regards to Florida temperatures, it does mean an increase in traffic and auto accidents.

Based on the 2015 statistics from Florida’s integrated report exchange system:

  • From November to December, there was a 4.9% increase in car crashes
  • The least amount of collisions were reported in June
  • Between December and January, there were 63,185 accidents, which is more than June and July of the same year

Winter car accidents are typically linked to bad weather. Though snow and sleet are rare in Florida, icy conditions do sometimes occur in the northwest, which can quickly lead to dangerous road conditions as most Florida drivers are inexperienced with icy roads.
There are two common reasons why accidents increase during winter time in Florida.

Unusual Weather

While Floridians expect spring and summer showers, they should also be prepared for winter showers. As snowy conditions move further south, they tend to cause rain in the area. Furthermore, winter storms can easily impact the panhandle. If you are headed into the North Florida area, you could be driving into icy conditions and even some snow flurries.

Travelers, Tourists & Snowbirds

Although these individuals are not necessarily responsible for the accidents themselves, they do lead to an increased volume of traffic. As traffic density increases, so do the number of winter accidents. Many of these drivers may be listening to their GPS, fatigued from long hours spent driving, or distracted by their cellphone.

If you’re looking to avoid becoming a victim of one of these winter car accidents, the following tips can help you stay safe.

  • Do not tailgate, and always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of yours
  • Drive within the posted speed limit
  • Avoid motorists who are driving too slow, especially in the fast lane
  • Always check your blind spots
  • Keep your vehicle well-maintained (tire pressure, fluid levels, etc.)

Although you cannot always prevent a car crash, you can protect your rights by receiving medical attention after you’ve been involved in a wreck. You could be eligible for up to $10,000 in medical benefits if you have suffered car accident injuries.

Source: chirocareflorida.com