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Halloween Safety - Part 2

Trick or treating is an exciting time for most children and as much as we know about the dangers of having way too much candy, we must acknowledge the presence of bigger dangers. Here are some additional safety tips you should consider as the excitement for Halloween sets in:

  • The weather - Sometimes it rains here in Florida on Halloween and while we don’t get the same icy sleek conditions experienced by the folks up north, it is important that your children are dressed properly. Potentially slick surfaces on sidewalks, roads and front door stairs can all contribute to a possible slip and fall scenario on someone’s or worse yet your personal property. Wearing the correct attire such as rain boots can help minimize these occurrences.
  • Mossy Steps - It’s Halloween and the only thing on a child’s mind is getting as much candy as possible and sometimes this means that they are in a hurry to reach your door bell. If you intend on giving out candy this year, ensure that the steps to your front door are squeaky clean and spotless (pressure washing usually does the trick). Over time moss can also deteriorate your steps, so be sure to check the strength of it to prevent slip and fall accidents.
  • Decorations - It is now common for homeowners to have elaborate Halloween decorations on their home and in their yards and some go the extra mile to include fall and holiday themed decor as well. There are two rules of thumb that should apply to decorations and children; your yard and the decoration pieces should be well lit and since some may come with a lot of wires that might not be noticable by passersby, all associated wiring must be securely placed. Observe these two rules to avoid children tripping over and hurting themselves.
  • Animals can sometimes react in unpredictable ways. To avoid an animal bite lawsuit, it is best to secure your dogs or take in a different part of your house. If your pet’s kennel is in the yard, lock them up securely. Parents of trick or treaters should warn their children to not approach a dog that is alone. Also, they should avoid walking too close to fences to avoid being nipped.

At Lewis Law Group, we want every parent and child to have a safe Halloween trick or treating experience. If you happen to be caught in one of the aforementioned situations, we are here to help. Our firm has over 38 years experience in the personal injury field and our experienced attorneys are ready to fight for the maximum possible compensation for your case. Contact us here for a FREE consultation.