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Have Clean Fun This Spring Break & Stay Away From Trouble!

imageIt’s Spring Break so that means college is out and fun is on the cards! Whether you are coming back home for the short holiday or just visiting our beautiful sunshine state for the first time, there are some legal facts you should consider before wildly indulging in all the ‘fun in the sun’ activities. It’s not surprising that when a group of college students converge, a lot of things can happen and consuming alcohol, whether underage or not, is one of them. Statistically, it has been shown that beyond common day-to-day opportunities for drinking, many students use college spring break vacations to travel with the intent to engage in excessive alcohol use. Spring break trips have been associated with excessive drinking, especially among students who go on vacations with friends and who are heavier drinkers in general, while students staying home or vacationing with their parents are at lower risk for increased alcohol use.

Drinking on the beach is one thing, but getting into the driver’s side of a motor vehicle while under the influence, could quickly lead to disaster. The Lewis Law Group would like you to be sure to exercise caution. The State of Florida drunk driving laws prohibits driving any type of vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration  (BAC) of .08 percent or above. The .08 percent BAC limit is the standard measurement used across the United States for the "impaired" driver. This limit is lower for drivers under the age of 21 (.02%).  A driver charged with a DUI in Florida may be subject to fines, loss of license and even jail time.The DHSV (Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) may immediately revoke your driving privileges. As a young adult, a ‘fun’ time that results in jail time or worse, a manslaughter charge, will severely affect your future in many ways you are certainly not thinking about while having fun. We want you to enjoy the break you deserve but we also want you to do so responsibly. If you are caught in the unfortunate situation of a DUI charge, the stakes are too high to go through the court system without a very experienced DUI attorney. Our practice comprises of experienced attorneys who understand what it takes to represent a client in such a criminal case.

You’re having a great time at a party and your buddies want to take the hype up a notch so someone suggests buying marijuana. Is this a great idea? Absolutely not. Marijuana is illegal in Florida. Remember, you’re not in certain other places where usage is legalized. In Florida, the possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis is a first degree misdemeanor, with penalties that include jail, probation, and loss of driver’s license. In Florida, there are three elements required to prove possession of under 20 grams of marijuana:

  1. The defendant possessed a certain substance (actual or constructive)
  2. The substance was cannabis (less than 20 grams)
  3. The defendant had knowledge of the presence of the substance.

And, if you are caught selling marijuana, in any amount, it is a 3rd Degree Felony, punishable up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. At The Lewis Law Group we defend Treasure Coast clients against cannabis, and other controlled substances. From our experience we can assure you, being charged with drug possession is a very serious criminal matter. If you have been accused of cannabis possession or sale, you may have defenses available to contest the charge or to minimize potential penalties.

Our attorneys at Lewis Law Group are experienced in DUI, drug possession cases and other criminal law cases. Your initial case evaluation is free. We carefully prepare your case and represent your defense throughout the entire trial process. We are dedicated, passionate and vigorous on behalf of our clients.  So this Spring Break, have fun, but be thoughtful and careful too!