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Honoring Those Who Served And Others Who Continue To Serve And Protect Our Great Country And Its Com

Happy Memorial Day! This Memorial Day weekend, it is not just about backyard barbecues and having an extra day off from work. Memorial Day is usually celebrated on the last Monday of May annually and is an important day to honor and recognize those who have bravely fought for our great nation. On this day, everyone here at The Lewis Law Group would like to honor those of us who lost their lives while serving our country and communities. We would also like to express our gratitude to those who currently serve and protect our great country and communities day in and day out.

The Lewis Law Group practices Personal Injury and Criminal Defense law, and as such, we like so many in our area are heavily reliant on the good actions of our first responders. For us, it has been important to create and maintain a solid relationship with all our local police, fire rescue, medical first responders, etc. Over the years, this relationship has aided us in understanding key components of a crime scene, how fault is assigned, the nature of injuries, and much, much more. Understanding this process is crucial in getting all the facts of our case correct in order to diligently represent our clients. We wish to extend a big thank you to all first responders for not only doing their job efficiently but working alongside our practice to seek justice. We salute and honor everything that you do!

Having criminal defense as part of our practice area means that law enforcement is always in contact with our clients. We have great respect for the crime investigators, police department and correctional officers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for not only what you do, but rather, how you do your job. It is everyone’s constitutional right to be represented by a lawyer. The events that take place from the moment a suspect is arrested to standing before a judge, should never be unfair or inhumane in any way. Everyone deserves to be treated with decency and respect regardless of their gender, age, color or social status. We thank our local law enforcement professionals for their ongoing efforts in this area.

This Memorial Day we honor those who have fought and died while diligently and fearlessly protecting our nation and our communities. For the veterans who came back home, we salute your bravery. For the first responders that died in the line of duty we memorialize your sacrifice.  The Lewis Law Group understands that service to others is not easy. The lives of veterans and first responders are usually impacted by the traumatic nature of their everyday work. Some injuries are not only physical, but many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These changes can pose challenges to them in their everyday life. For this we sympathize with you and your families. We give respect and appreciation to the service you gave to our country...and we will always continue to look to ways to be of assistance in those regards.

The Lewis Law Group looks forward to strengthening the relationship between our practice and all our vets and first responders. We believe that together, we can all work together to achieve something greater than ourselves. May this Memorial Day honor the fallen and salute the everyday work of those who are dedicated to making our country great!