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Meet Our Friendly, Funny Receptionist - Diane

Humble, helpful and kind, are three of the best words within the English language that we could use to describe Diane. Diane joined the Lewis Law Group in December 2019 after a one-year sabbatical to help care for her grandson, Elijah. Since then, she has proven herself to be a very valuable addition to our team. 

Diane describes her job as being a “Director of First Impressions”, and a gatekeeper of sorts.

“I love being that first point of positive interaction whether over the phone or face-to-face for my coworkers, clients, and/or providers. Every day I get to help someone whether it’s just being genuinely pleasant, putting someone’s mind at ease about procuring legal services or making sure that I connect them with the right person to further assist them.” - Diane. 

Having started her career over 30 years ago as a receptionist at a different law firm, Diane has learned a great deal about the legal field over the years. One of the most important things she has learned is the importance of reading the fine print and having an understanding before you sign on the dotted line, whether it's an insurance policy, employment contract, or something else.  

"Of course, it would help if the fine print would be printed in a bigger font, but it’s worth taking the time to thoroughly examine." Diane jokingly added (did we mention that she has a great sense of humor?) 

When asked about some of the things she loves most about The Lewis Law Group, Diane mentioned that she loves that The Lewis Law Group is in the heart of Martin County- Stuart, Florida. Her commute each day takes her across the Roosevelt Bridge, and when she looks at the water with the boats in the harbor and the sun beaming brightly on the horizon, she feels like she’s been transported to an island paradise. She also loves the decor and layout of our office and the way that technology has been integrated into our daily practices without losing our connection to our clients. 

Diane is originally from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands where she attended St. Joseph’s Catholic High School. After graduating, she attended the George Washington University in Washington, DC for one year. Growing up in St. Croix helped her develop a love for the water and nature so in her spare time you’ll find her exploring the great outdoors with her family. If she’s not doing that, she’s either solving a puzzle, settling in with a good book - her current read being Crazy Love by Francis Chan, or packing up in the car to go on an adventure without a predetermined destination. Diane has spent over 30 wonderful years married to her husband and they have two beautiful children.

The beautiful beaches of St. Croix

St. Croix is a small island with 218 km² of land area and a population of about 50,000. Diane’s parents were originally born in St. Croix in 1942 and raised in New York. In 1968, her Dad packed up the family and moved back. Reflecting on the experience of growing up there and some of her biggest life influences, Diane said that her parents were the ones who taught her the importance of good character- integrity, honesty, to be respectful, dependable, dedicated, humble, and a hard worker. They taught her to always ask questions, never make assumptions, and that nothing is impossible if you work hard. Their one request has always been that whatever you do- do it well without expecting rewards or accolades. Her grandmother taught her to acknowledge God in all her ways. Her Aunt taught her the importance of prayer and faith. As an adult, her husband has taught her about commitment and he encourages her to always look for the solution. As a mother, her children have taught her to be nurturing, compassionate, and how to love unconditionally. 

Diane with her family.

Some of the principles that Diane holds most important to her include joy, courage, kindness, and love. In describing why she said “Joy. One of my favorite Bible verses is the Joy of the Lord is your strength. To be joyful you must focus on the good and laugh at yourself. Solutions and a different perspective are quick to come your way if joy is your operating principle. It is a principle that has served me well.

Courage. The world has changed significantly. Now more than ever it is important to do what you believe needs to be done despite the reactions and responses of others and for the benefit of others.

Kindness. I believe that no matter who you are you should be treated with kindness. You never know what someone is going through. Your kindness can make a big difference.

Love. A quote from one of my favorite authors, Francis Chan, says it well- "Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter unless it is about loving God and the people he has made?”

In just a short time, Diane has quickly become an integral part of the Lewis Law Group family. Each day she embodies the qualities of flexibility, consideration, hope, and diplomacy. She is sure to greet you with a smile or with a warm welcome if you’re speaking to her over the phone. The next time you visit, be sure to say a special hello to her.