There are over 1 million registered vessels in Florida many of the owners living in or visiting the waterways and shores of the Treasure Coast.

If you have been involved in a boating accident and suffered injury or even have suffered financially you may be due compensation.

The Lewis Law Group can help you whether your loss involves airboat accidents, boat tenders accidents, BUI accidents, boat maintenance caused accidents, jet ski accidents, wakeboarding accidents, waterskiing accidents, kayak or canoe accidents, inflatable boat accidents or other personal or rented watercraft.

Unfortunately, the consequence of this much boating activity means the number of injurious and fatal boating accidents continues to climb.

At The Lewis Law Group, our Stuart FL, based team has 38 years of experience in working with victims of boating accidents handling property damage, personal injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits stemming from the many waterway accidents in Florida.
In many case it can be uncomfortable for a boating accident victim to press for their rights.