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Employer Retaliation and Lawsuits in Florida

Workplace retaliation takes many forms. If you have ever been pressured not to file a complaint at work, denied the right to file a complaint or, if after filing a complaint you were reassigned, treated unfairly, denied normal benefits, or even fired, then you should call the labor law attorneys at The Lewis Law Group P.A. No company has the right to deny you access to filing a complaint nor do they have the right to force you to sign a statement confessing wrongdoing on your part that you know is inaccurate. These documents are created by your employer’s attorneys with the full intent of protecting the employer, not you. Before you sign anything that may throw away your rights, call us. (772) 286-7861 or our toll free number at 1(800) 338 4459

Florida Labor Laws Are Complex

Sometimes workplace retaliation may seem like a petty thing or, as we have heard, “just the boss getting back at me.” Regardless of its form, from mild ridicule to being dismissed, coercive and abusive actions can be a violation of the Florida Labor and Employment Laws and Federal Labor laws. You have the right and the option to speak with an experienced employment attorney, like those at The Lewis Law Group. For 38 years we have protected the worker’s rights. We will discretely and professionally assist you. We will immediately review the facts with you in a FREE case evaluation and walk you through your rights as an employee. Your action may prevent others from suffering the same workplace abuse. Don’t be afraid to act! 

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Our attorneys are experienced in getting clients the help they need when they experience harassment at work or unfair job and retaliation by employers. Your initial case evaluation is free. We will help you determine the value of your case and fight for the maximum compensation you can receive.

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