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Sexual harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated, period. If the harassment is committed by a supervisor, it is an illegal use of power. If committed by a fellow employee and allowed to continue by the employer, sexual harassment creates a work atmosphere where associates are constantly on guard and uncomfortable. Either way, sexual harassment is a real threat and needs to be taken seriously.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment on the job can present itself in a lot of different ways from subtle to blatant. There is no room in the modern workplace for even what some people consider, subtle harassment such as debasing jokes, sexual comments, company communications or emails that make the employee uncomfortable, lewd or derogatory pictures, images, cartoons, jokes, or videos posted or shared. Sexual harassment can occur or be present anywhere within a company. It can be present in a company vehicle, office, workstation, common areas, or locker. More blatant harassment in the form of unwanted advances, inappropriate invitations, sexual behavior, and uncomfortable touching is more commonly understood to be a violation of employment laws. The ultimate level of sexual harassment in the form of promotions, workplace favors, or continued employment being held out in exchange for tolerating sexual demands are equally clear violations and the most heinous form of workplace abuse.

Not only does sexual harassment negate the dignity an employee deserves at work, it creates an environment that workers have difficulty tolerating making it challenging to even report to work. Relationships are destroyed between coworkers, supervisors, and even spill over to damage the personal lives of the associate at home when sexual harassment is tolerated at work. If you feel that you are being sexually harassed at work, don’t tolerate it. If you can, report it. If you feel uncertain of your rights or you feel that reporting the abuse may cause retribution or workplace retaliation, then first call the experienced attorneys of The Lewis Law Group. (772) 286-7861 or on our toll free number at 1(800) 338 4459.
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