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This Summer, Be Sure To Visit Your Loved Ones In Nursing Homes!

Summer is all about spending time at the beach, barbequing and taking road trips among other fun activities. Summer also means school is out, so this is the most opportune time to take the family and head out for vacations and family fun.  Be sure to plan a visit to the nursing home to check on your parents or grandparents. While they may be some distance way, that visit should be high on your summer fun list. While visiting, consider these warning signs that they may be victims of abuse or neglect in their nursing home and be sure to keep an eye out for them:

  • Your family member is hungry, thirsty or has lost a lot of weight
  • Your family member has unexplained conditions such as hypothermia, dehydration or pressure/ bed sores.
  • Your family member has unexplained injuries such as broken bones, sprains, punctures
  • Your family member is withdrawn or listless
  • Your family member is reluctant to speak in staff members’ presence
  • Your family member appears to be heavily medicated or sedated

These are some red flags that should not be overlooked.  Yes, you are there with the family for a happy visit, but bring along your concern and be sure to question and pursue any of these issues if identified. Abuse in nursing homes can take shape in the form of physical, emotional, financial, sexual abuse and neglect. The ball more often than not is in your court and yours alone as often times your loved ones need someone to stand up for them. If you believe your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, contact us The Lewis Law Group. The Lewis Law Group has over 38 years of experience dealing with such matters here in St. Lucie County, Martin County and Palm Beach County. We have the experience in fighting to ensure our elderly get justice in cases of abuse. Contact us today for a free consultation.