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Who’s Responsible If You Get Injured At An Amusement Park?

Florida has an abundance of amusement and theme parks. With more than 50 different parks to choose from, you’re never more than a three-hour drive away from one. Thousands of people come to this state every year just to visit these popular attractions. Unfortunately, with the large crowds and excitement, injuries can happen.  

Injuries and deaths at amusement parks are much higher than you’d think. According to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in 2019 there were 1,299 injuries from amusement park accidents in the U.S. Annually, there are more than 30,000 reported injuries. Even with these numbers, you won’t hear much about these incidents unless they become fatal, as in the case of 14-year old Tyre Sampson, who fell to his death at an Orlando amusement park. 

Contrary to popular belief, most injuries that occur at amusement/theme parks aren’t actually from the rides. The most common type of injury is a slip and fall/trip and fall. Other common accident cases include mishaps on rides and drownings at water parks. Generally, the owner of the park is responsible and major parks have insurance or are self-insured to cover injuries.

If you or a loved one are injured at an amusement park, get an attorney. Most theme parks will opt to settle out of court because they don’t want the public to know about these incidents. You need an experienced lawyer by your side to negotiate a fair settlement for you. Too many people try to negotiate injury claims themselves and end up spending months and years going back and forth before settling for an amount that miserably fails to cover all they’ve lost. Not to mention, the Florida statute of limitations expires after four years, meaning some people never receive any sort of compensation for their injuries.

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