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Criminal Defense At The Lewis Law Group

When you are faced with criminal charges, choosing a defense lawyer is an important decision. You need a competent and experienced lawyer on your side. There may be many things at stake for you such as your reputation, job, family life and personal freedom. Your criminal defense lawyer has many sub-deliverables, such as collecting statements from witnesses, negotiating a plea bargain, negotiating the minimal sentence or fine, and building your case. At The Lewis Law Group, our passionate legal team is talented, aggressive and has extensive courtroom experience in the court systems throughout the Treasure Coast.

The Lewis Law Group has more than 38 years experience in criminal defense. We can defend you in criminal cases from petty misdemeanors to serious felonies. Regardless of the charge, we treat each case seriously. Our specialties are DUI charges, crimes of fraud, drug charges, including illegal possession of prescription medications, cannabis and other controlled substances. We understand what it takes to represent a client in a criminal case in the Martin County, Palm Beach County, and St. Lucie County Courts as well as the Fifteenth and Nineteenth Circuit Courts, Federal Court, and the District Court of Appeals.

Wondering who exactly will be taking your case when you choose The Lewis Law Group as your defense lawyers? JD Lewis IV and Chris Lewis of course! They are the sons and partners of  JD Lewis III and your highly competent defense team. Collectively JD IV and Chris have more than thirty five years experience in the criminal defense field. They both gained invaluable experience at the Public Defender’s Office, where they honed their trial and motion skills. This initial experience, along with the experience they have gained over the years, have also made both lawyers federally capable. 

When Chris, the younger brother, completed his time at the Public Defender’s Office and joined JD IV in their private practice, the brothers became a legal-team powerhouse. In your initial case evaluation, you are likely to meet with either one of them. In the review and preparation stage of your case however, both minds are at work.  They both go over each other’s cases in a meeting about once or twice a week to ensure that nothing is missed. You can rest assured that even on weekends and holidays, the two brothers are tirelessly going over your case.  

Our zealous legal team is talented, aggressive and has vast courtroom experience.  Your initial case evaluation is FREE. We carefully prepare your case and represent your defense throughout the entire trial process. We are dedicated, passionate and vigorous on behalf of all our clients. We are also compassionate regarding your circumstances. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Contact us today to find out how we may be of assistance to you.