Report to the police

Report to the rideshare company - Uber or Lyft

Document the scene

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Injured In An Uber/Lyft Crash In Florida? Know Your Rights And Compensation Options

Have you ever thought about what you should do if you get injured from a crash in an Uber/Lyft? If you think this is unlikely to happen to you, consider these facts: in 2022, Uber had 131 million active users per month and 64 billion rides. Unlike limo, bus and taxi drivers, ride-share drivers do not require a specific license. They are merely individuals without any professional training. If you find yourself injured in a ride-share incident in Florida, it’s important to know that you’re entitled to seek compensation for physical harm and other related damages.


Here's what you should do if you're ever in this situation:


  • Report To The Police 
    • This will create a formal record of the event. 
  • Report To The Ride-share Company — Uber Or Lyft 
    • There is always a way to “report an incident” somehow within the ride-share app. Make sure to report this incident right away. 


  • Document The Scene 
    • Take photos! 
    • Take note of the license plate/ car description and driver details. 
    • The more details the better. 
    • Timestamps of when your ride started and where the incident happened within the specific app can be helpful (take screenshots!) 


  • Seek Medical Treatment Immediately
    • Go via emergency service to the hospital or visit an urgent care right away. 
    • Sometimes you do not feel the full effects of the accident right away, so getting an assessment of your injuries could be helpful for a potential case. 


  • Get An Attorney!

    Navigating the repercussions of an Uber or Lyft crash in Florida can be stressful and complicated. The road to recovery isn’t as lonely as you fear with the experienced attorneys of The Lewis Law Group by your side. We can help you get the support you need and the compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today.